Student Spotlight


Aleesha Kimble

I chose to enroll in Medcertify in order to better myself and start a career I know would make me happy helping people. I was met with an admissions advisor that was extremely encouraging and helped me motivate through all the extreme things life had been throwing my direction. They made the enrollment process smooth and simple.

I enjoyed this program for many reasons but I’d have to say my favorite thing about this course was it being self-paced. I’m a mom and a military wife which means a lot of unexpected things can be thrown my way. It’s easy to stay motivated and set a plan to stay on track even when things get overwhelming in your personal life. 

I really enjoyed all parts of this course but I’d say my favorite was the anatomy portion because it taught me a lot of new things I did not know. Also, the billing and Coding course was a nice refresher for things I had learned in my past that I enjoyed.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience this course gave me. With the life I chose to live I have felt that a lot of what I want can be put on the back burner. It is nothing I regret because I love my family and they come first but this showed me I can further my education and start a career that is easy with the life I live. With this experience under my belt my next goal is to find a career that can move with me. One that I don‘t have to give up and start over or one that is easily transferred from place to place. As I continue down this path I’m sure those goals will expand to fit into my lifestyle and that makes me look forward to all the possibilities. 

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