Student Spotlight

Roxana Laffee

 I chose to enroll in Medcertify through reading great testimonies from individuals who have completed it in the past. The initial phone call that elaborated the course and the process was super easy.  The admissions Advisor was super helpful and made the programs super easy to navigate and jump in right away. 

What I most enjoyed of the program was the variety of content to specific lessons that contained a wealth of information. The additional videos along with visual aid helped understand the different sections to long lessons. 

My favorite subject in the course was learning about ethics and legal issues. The lesson allows the student to understand the importance of their job and focuses on ways to potentially avoid complacency. 

The experience as a student in Medcertify made it simple to jumpstart my path towards public health. This program brings exposure to fields that go much more in depth and will allow me to get started with hands on experience and knowledge to continue my education. 

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