MyCAA Program and Working from Home

The My Career Advancement Account (MyCAA) program helps eligible military personnel and their spouses pursue career-related education and training programs. Spending time away from the office is difficult for many. But thanks to virtual work, employees can work remotely more frequently than ever before. If you’re considering working from home as a way to further your career while also balancing family life, learning the ins-and-outs of the MyCAA program might be a good first step. Working from home is often a great way to balance professional and personal responsibilities. While it’s not recommended for everyone, there are several job roles that lend themselves well to telecommuting as part of an employee benefits package. Here are some benefits of working from home with the MyCAA program in mind:

Flexibility in Schedule

Working from home allows you to control your schedule in a way that might not be feasible in a typical office setting. If you’re taking care of children, for example, it might not be feasible to show up to the office at 9 am every day and stay until 5 pm. Whether you need to work a certain number of hours per week, days per month, or simply prefer to work during specific hours, the MyCAA program can accommodate a flexible schedule that might not be possible at the office.

No Commute

Depending on where you live, the cost and time spent commuting can eat away at your hourly wage. Working from home means no commute, and therefore no extra cost. And, depending on your job and the hours that you work, you may be able to obtain the same wage as someone who commutes to the office. Working from home also means no time spent idly. If you have children, you can work on tasks that don’t require much interaction (like online research or data entry). If you have pets, you can take care of them while working. If you have an office-type job, you can use your commute time to finish off tasks that can wait until the end of the day.

Virtual Collaboration and Networking

Many employers will require some type of training or certification as a requirement for advancement. The MyCAA program lets you work toward these required certifications from the comforts of your own home, saving you time and money. Your virtual networking with colleagues, supervisors, and clients can also be beneficial: you’ll be able to use communication tools that are more appropriate for some types of relationships. Perhaps you want to join a professional association like the American Psychological Association (APA) or the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Members of these organizations often meet for conferences or webinars. With the MyCAA program, you’ll be able to take part in these gatherings from your own home.

Bottom line

You can pursue career-related education and training programs with the MyCAA program without leaving the comforts of your own home. It’s a great way to advance your career while also balancing family life.

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