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Medical Administrative Assistant Program Overview

Embark on an 18-week journey to become a Certified Medical Administrative Assistant with’s online certification program. This role is crucial in healthcare settings, requiring skills in managing clerical duties, organizing files, handling electronic health records, and ensuring efficient office operations. Our course equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in hospitals, medical offices, and other healthcare facilities.

Master the essentials of healthcare administration including scheduling appointments, maintaining patient records, and managing billing and insurance claims.

Gain an understanding of healthcare regulations, including HIPAA and OSHA, to ensure compliance in medical settings.

Learn to navigate advanced office software through dedicated courses in Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and Outlook, enhancing your productivity and efficiency.

Develop professional communication skills to effectively interact with medical staff and patients.

Job Description

Medical Administrative Assistants run the front office of doctor’s practices and medical clinics. MedCertify’s MAA training program prepares you for certification and everything you need to know about being a successful Medical Administrative Assistant. Duties of an MAA include but are not limited to checking patients in at the front desk, scheduling appointments, answering phones, onboarding new patients, organizing medical records, working with insurance companies, using medical software on the computer, and more.

Job Outlook

Based on 2022 statistics, over 654,200 Medical Administrative Assistant jobs are available throughout the United States. MAA is one of the largest industries in the country.

Earning Potential

On average, the salary for Medical Administrative Assistants is $40,823 per year, according to This could be your potential future income!

Career Paths
  • Medical Office Manager
  • Lead Medical Assistant
  • Clinical Office Manager
  • Clinical Team Leader
  • Medical Records Manager
  • Medical Assistant Instructor
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Transcription Supervisor

Nationally Recognized Certifications

Qualify to take the National Certification Exam upon completion, solidifying your credentials as a certified professional.


Nationally Registered Certified Administrative Health Assistant


Medical Administrative Assistant Certification


Certified Medical Administrative Assistant

24/7 Access

Using a personal computer, smart phone, or tablet device, students can take our online classes anywhere, anytime, and at their own pace.

Academic Coaching

You will be assigned an academic coach to guide you through the coursework when you enroll. Your academic coach is available via Zoom live, Text and Emails during both weekdays and weekends.

Instructor Support

Meeting with our instructors and subject matter experts one-on-one or in smaller groups regularly via flexible schedules of online live Zoom mentoring sessions.

Online Hands-on Learning

Online hands-on medical office simulations are included in most of our medical programs, offering students the opportunity to practice their skills in real-world settings.

Study Groups & Networking

At MedCertify we provide students with the opportunity to engage in study groups and network with peers and professionals through Zoom.

Career Development

Once students successfully earn their certification a career advisor helps students with counseling, resume building, job placement assistance, and more!


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A Message from Our Student Services Manager

Hello! I'm Amy Guinnane, your Student Services Manager at MedCertify. I'm thrilled you're considering our Medical Administrative Assistant Program. My goal is to make your journey as educational and supportive as possible. From your first day, you'll receive continuous support—think weekly checklists, engaging presentations, and live mentoring with certified instructors to keep you on track.

Dive into learning with sessions on medical terminology, practical medical office scenarios, preparing for interviews, and connecting with industry recruiters. Our elite student services teams—including academic coaches, instructors, and career advisors—are here to support you every step of the way. Your dedicated academic coach will reach out regularly to provide proactive personalized support, ensuring you have all the tools needed to succeed. They will help you create detailed academic plans, address any challenges you face, answer questions, and offer guidance on everything from study strategies to program certification.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or reach out with any questions. Check out my profile at the link below to see how I can help you achieve your professional goals."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Choose the Payment Options that is mostly suitable for you in the Tuition section and use the Enroll Now link to get started. After completing the checkout process on our website, you’ll receive an confirmation and an enrollment agreement via email within the next business day. 

After completing and submit your e-signed enrollment agreement, you’ll receive a copy of the completed agreement in your inbox for your records. Once it’s fully processed, your dedicated academic coach will send you a welcome letter. This letter will include important details about your program and what to expect.

You’ll gain access to your program as soon as you receive your welcome letter. This letter includes everything you need to get started, such as:

  • Program Login Information: Details on how to access the online learning platform.
  • Comprehensive Orientation Guide: Step-by-step instructions to help you navigate your program.
  • Student Handbook: Important contact information for key departments and resources.
  • Program Syllabus: An overview of the courses and schedule.
  • Meet Your Support Team Guide: Information on how to connect with your support team for ongoing assistance.
The “Meet Your Support Team” orientation is an optional but highly recommended meeting. Here, you’ll get to meet online face to face the team that will support you throughout your program. You can register for this session using the link provided in your welcome letter.
Our Live Mentoring Sessions are interactive sessions and presentations led by certified instructors. These sessions cover various topics, including career placement assistance and specialized healthcare sessions. Students can participate in group activities, presentations, ask questions, and review material. Online Live sessions are available regularly from Monday to Thursday with both day and evening schedules. Students may opt to participate in any available events. Check the event calendar for more details.

Your dedicated academic coach is your main point of contact for any questions or assistance. They will reach out regularly to provide personalized support, helping you create detailed academic plans, address any challenges, answer any questions, and guide you through your learning journey. If you need help, you can always reach out to your academic coach during business hours.

While MedCertify is an online, on-demand program, we offer numerous opportunities for student networking and interaction to create a vibrant community similar to a traditional classroom environment:

  • Live Mentoring Sessions: Engage in interactive sessions and presentations led by certified instructors. Participate in group activities, presentations, and discussions to enhance your learning experience.

Yes, feel free to fill in the form for more questions or live chat support will be available from 10:00 am – 5:30 pm EST.

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