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Lamonte Haynes

My admissions advisor was Share Lee; she was extremely helpful in assisting me. She went above and beyond. She put in 120%. Share Lee lol if you do see this, I do apologize. I was very thorough with a ton of detailed questions, and she was there answering and giving documents to show and prove. She even had to get information from other people who worked for the school. In short, we had a lot of challenges because I really wanted to attend MedCertify and the school wasn’t on the list where I was working on getting the grant. The Job Family Services systems were blocking her emails. But we worked as a team and got things squared away.

The first reason I chose Medcertify is because they are an approved training provider through CompTIA. Secondly, I chose them because they provide training through video in conjunction with live labs and hands-on training, and from an IT perspective, that is very important so that I can provide my future employer with the most possible value as a new employee. Thirdly, because they allow access to the instructors and coaches through Zoom mentoring sessions, Lastly, because they offered the trifecta of A+, Network+, and Security+, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go into cyber security, but now that I’ve completed the Security+ training, I love it, like it, and want more of it!

What I enjoyed most about the program was the Zoom meetings, especially with my instructor, Mr. Anthony Mayes. I really liked how he would energetically show me equipment as he was teaching me. And he was very quick to jump on the whiteboard and break things down for the class. Then I really liked the way that Mr. Patrick Loner would teach class. He would teach a few things, then do a live demo, which really helped. Also, I really like his teaching voice tone, so after studying a chapter, I would review his videos while playing YouTube instrumental chill music. I did it so much that when I would take a final, I would remember his voice and the instrumental music playing. The mind is powerful. Mr. Mayes and Mr. Loner are the Yin-Yang instructors of the IT training world!

My favorite course was CompTIA Security+.

My overall experience was phenomenal. I had, and still have, a great team to help me reach all of my goals. The medical certification team is extremely friendly. They really took time to listen and see things from my point of view before giving me advice or instructions. I like that their answers and assistance are not scripted, in my opinion. In my experience, everything was tailor-made to fit me, from the teaching and coaching to the motivation. I believe my career coach, Amy Guinnane, is the best on the planet. Everyone in the school is easy to communicate with, but Amy seems to be extremely caring and intuitive. It’s like I literally have a school at my doorstep; communication is crystal clear and quick. I really enjoyed the video training, the live zoom, and the telephone calls with my instructors and coaches. I’m not trying to be negative, but truthfully, what sets Medcertify apart from other schools I have attended personally is that they keep open communication and don’t change after they get your money. Some online schools are great at the beginning, but after a month or so, it takes what seems like forever to speak with someone, or you are on hold for an extremely long time just to hear that the person you need to talk to is not available. I appreciate medicine taking my most precious resource seriously, and that is time. Time is the only resource that, once it is gone, is gone forever. I recommend Medcertify if you don’t want your time wasted. They are direct and to the point while motivating you.

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