Externship/Observation Syllabus and Guidelines

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  1. Students must have 70% completion grade in their program
  2. Student must supply proof they are current with their school financials
  3. Externship Guidelines Agreement form signed
  4. Externship Confidentiality Agreement signed
  5. OSHA Standards form signed
  6. Record of Hepatitis B vaccination series
  7. Current TB Skin Test submitted
  8. Current CPR for all Externship sites
  9. Completed the program HIPAA/OSHA training

Program Description:

The externship/observation provides an opportunity for students to experience working in a healthcare setting. The student will perform both clinical and administrative duties while being supervised and evaluated by the office staff and monitored by the instructor. All students enrolled in an observation/externship required program will complete 40 hours at their clinical site.

MedCertify only assumes responsibility for the performance and action of the clinical student while in a clinical facility during the times specified as a clinical learning experience and when under the supervision of the externship supervisor.

Externship/Observation Objectives:

Within the setting of a healthcare facility the student will:

  1. Utilize the basic skills and knowledge gained by completing their program.
  2. Positively relate with and understand the role of the office manager, provider(s), and staff, so as to become a valued member of the team.
  3. Positively relate with patients and their families in person and on the phone using compassion and empathy.
  4. Effectively work with an office team in relation to patient care and being able to take the initiative to ask for or suggest work for themselves and to complete that work with minimal supervision.
  5. Accept directions, instructions, and feedback given by supervisors or other office personnel as appropriate and follow through to make adjustments in behaviors or studies.
  6. Ask appropriate questions when in doubt about a procedure or policy, write down the information and study for the next encounter.
  7. Act and speak in a professional manner using proper grammar, tone of voice, and use of proper terminology.


Externship/Observation Expectations:

  1. Professional Appearance
    1. Clothing/Uniform:
      1. Wear required solid color medical scrubs (tops and pants)
      2. Wear clean closed toe shoes
    2. Jewelry should be limited to one ring per hand, and no more than 2 discreet (pierced) earrings per ear. No dangle or large hoop earrings. No visible facial/body piercings of any kind. Students who have stretched earlobes should wear “flesh” colored jewelry.
    3. Hair is to be clean, short or pulled back. Hair color should be within the natural color range (blondes, browns, blacks, gray). No large hair accessories (bandannas and scarves). Sideburns, mustaches and/or beards are to be clean, short and neat.
    4. If you wear make-up it should be light day wear make-up. Short nail length with clear polish only. Keep nails well groomed and hands well moisturized to avoid cracking.
    5. Tattoos must be covered by make-up or clothing.
    6. Shower or bathe each morning before going to the office and shampoo hair often. Apply deodorant, antiperspirant or body powder daily. If foot odor is a problem, use a foot powder deodorant or sole inserts. Wash hands after contact with each patient, before contact with the patient, after you use the restroom, after working in a laboratory area or office (even though you wear gloves to do procedures). Launder uniforms after each wear. Use color safe bleach or water softeners to keep color crisp. Socks should always be worn and shoes clean.
  2. Be responsible about attendance and punctuality. Set up hours and keep them. The student is required to call the externship/observation site and instructor prior to any absence or tardiness. A doctor’s note is required for any absence. The student must make arrangements with the site to make up the time missed.
  3. Maintain OSHA Standards for Safety
    1. Use universal standards when handling all body fluids, used instruments, bandages and body tissues or participating in procedures which may be a potential source of infection to the student or other patients.
    2. Always wear gloves, appropriate eye protection or impervious gowns, and/or masks and properly dispose of equipment and other products in sharps containers, or special containers when performing any procedures in which there is a risk of spreading infection.
    3. If an exposure occurs, rinse with water and/or wash immediately with anti-microbial soap. Report the incident to your supervisor. They will administer first aid and advise you how to proceed. Also, report the incident to your instructor as soon as possible. Proceed to obtain the necessary medical treatment or testing as advised. MedCertify or the externship/observation site are not responsible for any self-inflicted injuries.
    4. Handle biohazardous materials and chemicals with care using precautions and warnings labeled on containers and explained in the office procedural manuals for these materials. If exposed, follow the instructions posted in the office for specific material. Read beforehand.
    5. NOTE: Students are not considered employees and are responsible for all of their own medical expenses.
  4. Perform only those procedures ordered by the provider for which the student has been instructed either in class or by the office staff and that is within the scope of your program.
  5. Because of the federal guidelines for release of information (HIPAA) students are required to sign confidentiality agreements and complete HIPAA training prior to externship.
  6. Represent MedCertify’s Program to the community by setting a professional example.
  7. Use of tobacco, alcohol, or mood/performance altering drug products is prohibited during externship/observation. Smelling of smoke may offend or cause respiratory reactions in co-workers and patients. Students suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or mood/performance altering drugs may be asked to take a drug test at their own expense and/ or be dismissed from externship.
  8. Use of perfume is not recommended during externship/observation due to many patients suffering from allergies. Many healthcare facilities are becoming perfume free environments.

Externship/Observation Guidelines:

  1. Upload weekly time sheets to their instructor, via email to [email protected].
  2. Students will be assigned to an externship/observation facility chosen by their instructor to assure necessary experiences. Once assigned, if the student chooses to refuse the site they then are required to find their own.
  3. The school cannot guarantee a particular office for externship/observation, nor will we guarantee a specific geographic location. Expect to drive up to 100 miles one way from students physical address to the externship sites physical address.
  4. Provider’s offices and other healthcare facilities have varying office hours. Evening and weekend sites are NOT readily available and cannot be guaranteed. It is the responsibility of the student to coordinate their personal schedules (i.e. work, childcare, etc.) to be available during regular business (day) hours for their externship/observation.
  5. Negative attitudes, inappropriate behavior, non-productive criticism, inappropriate verbal confrontation, or use of unacceptable language WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. This will result in termination of externship and observation, without the possibility of reassignment.
  6. Students will notify their instructor if any problems are encountered during their externship/observation (i.e. personality conflicts, extensive illness, etc.). The student WILL NOT remove themselves from an externship/observation site. Any problems encountered must be reported immediately. The instructor along with the education supervisor will assess the situation and make determination of the appropriate action to be taken.
  7. Any action on the student’s part that is not fully consistent with the above statements may warrant removal from the facility and possible termination from the program and MedCertify.
  8. While in an externship/observation you are to follow all of the site rules as well as MedCertify rules.
  9. CELL PHONE USE IS FORBIDDEN WHILE AT AN EXTERN/OBSERVATION SITE. We uphold a zero tolerance with cell phones in ANY extern/observation site. You are at the site to continue the learning process, volunteer to help if you have no assigned tasks (filing, cleaning, stocking etc.) Any activity on your cell phone (texts, calls, Facebook, etc.) is not only unprofessional and rude it could, depending on where you are in the office, result in a HIPAA violation and/or termination from the site. We suggest leaving your cell phone in your car if you may be tempted to access it. If an emergency arises, you may be contacted through the site, but ONLY for an emergency.

After all the above requirements have been met, the student will then be scheduled for an exit interview with Career Services 10 days from graduation date or the day all requirements are met within their allotted 6 months.

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